How does it look?

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How does it work?

Is it a wallpaper?


Wallpaper is sold in rolls of different lengths using a repetitive pattern. Unfortunately, this is not well suited for natural looking materials such as woods, bricks, metals, stones and concretes.

Is it a mural?


Photo Murals are a large format printed images, with a fix width and height that are sold in multiple panels.
If the offered print is wider or smaller then what is required, you will have either to much or too little to cover your surface.

The Illusion difference

Wall textures are unique because they are a hybrid of both worlds.
Among other qualities, they have a large initial high detailed texture like a mural, that repeats indefinitely like a wallpaper.

We are not only talking pixels here!

A high pixel count is important if you don’t want your texture to only look good from a distance.
What you also need is a texture that visually maintains, what we call real life ratios.
For example, your brick wall will not look real if the bricks are twice the size of real bricks.
Or if your wood planks are stretched in a unnatural way.
Illusion doesn’t have those issues.
All the textures in the collection are created using a proprietary technology called TrueLife™. 
This technology guarantees that the resolution used is extremely high, the visual ratios correspond to the real world, but most importantly it infuses the textures with a depth and realism that was not possible till now.


Is it easy to install?

Judge for yourself!